If you live in San Diego, chances are high that you have to deal with a slope.  Frankly, it’s a challenge to make one attractive. One problem with slopes is practical: they are hard to work on.  Any activity is complicated by an incline.  Take digging, for instance.  There’s your balance and your feet to worry […]

On Thursday, two stray dogs wandered into the Live Oak Music Camp.  They were fleeing the Sherpa fire.  One was a young black shepard and the other a brindle Staffordshire terrier mix.  The two were very friendly, but also on inspection, exhausted and emaciated.  They ended up with a big dish of water next to […]

Burlingame, an understated neighborhood in San Diego, tucked between North Park and South Park, with its rose-colored sidewalks and wide streets, has been quietly developing its aesthetics for years, thirty million of them, in fact. But how have the clever residents of Burlingame been doing this? With their bountiful supply of cobble, of course. Referred […]

I was recently at the Getty Museum and was lucky enough to see Van Gogh’s Irises (which I downloaded from the Getty website for this blog. and if you want to look at the painting in much greater detail, I advise going to their website to use its advanced viewing features). I got very excited […]

Dog urine and gophers wreak havoc on lawns in Southern California in the summer. In this video, I demonstrate a technique for re-seeding these damaged areas using worm castings and hydro-seeding materials.

Blind buds, or more technically speaking, blind shoots are small stems that branch from the canes of roses but that never lead to a flower.  Your rose bushes can be growing quite happily yet be failing to produce the flowers you are expecting because of these unproductive shoots. I couldn’t find a good article in […]

Landscape architects, landscape contractors, and maintenance crews all want their clients to be happy with their work.  There are, however, several realities about landscaping that nobody wants to talk about that interfere with everyone’s happiness.  Like a dysfunctional family in which the blunt truth is too painful to bring up, but which the landscape itself […]

After years of reading about landscaping, one comment has stuck with me as both simple and profound:  you have to landscape where you are.  I would amend the statement a little though to say,  you have to landscape where you are and with what you have.  Landscapes are often generous in unexpected ways.  Below are […]

If one were looking to find a dog to help around a small urban farm, a Shih Tzu would probably not be the first breed to spring to mind (no pun intended).  And yet, Miss Beasley, a Shih Tzu weighing in at around ten pounds, has turned out to be an ideal choice. Her role […]

Only some events compare with the stress of selling a home.  And this stress tends to bring strong emotions with it that influence how many homeowners feel about where they have lived for the past five, ten, or fifty last years.  So why–at this last minute–spend money on the landscape? There are good financial reasons […]